Monday, March 12, 2012

2012 Spring/Summer Projects Preview.

Now that Cold Wars is over and I picked up some new lead to add to the pile, I thought about the projects I want to do for the coming Spring and Summer.

I have been painting a few individual figures here and there as test models for brand new projects. They are a motley assortment of WWII, Sci-Fi, Old West, Weird War II, and Moderns. Here are a few pics to preview what I will be up to as the weather gets warmer.

Early War SS.

Buffalo Soldiers. (cue Bob Marley).

Kolony Militia Test Paint.


The Sarissa Precision Charcuterie (butcher's shop).

AT-43 Red Blok Kolossus converted and turned into Weird WWII "Iron Ivans".

Iron Ivan tank hunter team.

The barrel on the grenade launcher has been replaced with a turned tapered plastic barrel to make it into a 37mm ATG.

Dust Tactics "Luther"

Dual Pak 43 ATGs. Is that overkill maybe?

Oh good, this one only has one Pak 43...

The Project List for Spring Summer (in order of what I want to finish first):

Mordheim Kislevite Warband (using Old Glory Cossacks-the old OOP GW models are WAY too expensive). 15 models.

28mm Buffalo Soldiers group for our club Old West project (Artizan Designs Miniatures). 10 models.

28mm Early War SS (Warlord Miniatures). 30+ models.

28mm Early War Brits (Warlord Miniatures). 30+ models.

28mm Kolony Militia and Rebels (to help Chalfant playtest the forthcoming sci-fi system from Iron Ivan Games-tentatively titled "Zero Sum Oblivion"). I also picked up some vehicles to go with them (Old Crow Models). 50+ models.

28mm Modern USMC in current day operations gear (Eureka Miniatures). 14 models.

28mm Moroccan Goumiers (Artizan Designs Miniatures). I want to do some conversions for these to add heavy weapons that aren't currently available and to add some variety so they are usable from Italy all the way through the Vosges Mountains campaign and into Germany 1945). I really look forward to this one. Painting the traditional striped hooded pullovers they wear is really fun. 30+ models.

 28mm Belgian Chasseurs Ardennais (Warlord Miniatures). 10 models.

More Dust Tactics and AT-43 stuff as it becomes available and I can find it.

Ongoing: Finish the rest of the Sarissa Precision French Village I started...