Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Machine Gun Day.

Chal thinks he's Ivan Ramboski.

Hello folks,

Today was an amazing day. The Iron Ivan Team had the privilege of being able to fire a large assortment of WWII weapons, thanks to a good friend and his awesome collection. Iron Ivan and our friends from the game club Army Group York spent the day putting a lot of lead down range. We fired:

Soviet Maxim HMG
German MG-42 LMG
Soviet DP-28 LMG
German MP-40 SMG
British Sten SMG
US Thompson SMG
Swedish K SMG
Type 56 Assault Rifle (Chinese copy of the AK)

Here are some of the pics and videos:

We also did this two years ago, but weren't able to get as many pics and much video of the last event. However, last time around we shot the MG-42 on tripod, the BAR, the STG-44, Ppsh, and some others. With this years shoot, it now means that we have shot a fair number of the main weapons used in WWII. All we need to round out the major nations would be the .30 cal, .50 cal, Bren, Japanese Type 99, and the French FM-24/29 LMG. Of course, a ton of weapons could be added to this, but it's not a bad start for us! This is also not counting the bolt action and semi-auto rifles many of us already own and shoot. We don't own any of the automatic stuff...but getting to fire them really lets us appreciate the soldiers whose lives depended on them.

Hope you enjoy the pics and videos. We had a blast and want to thank the guys that made it happen.