Saturday, January 16, 2010

Projects for the New Year.

As part of the cleaning and organizing of my painting desk, I figured I should also make a list of projects to complete in the coming year. I have a lot of projects to choose from, but I want to put together a list of priority projects and get some old and unfinished stuff out of the way.

Miniature Projects:
28mm Mid War Soviets. Battle Honors (complete).
28mm Soviets in NBC Suits. Eureka (complete).
15mm Polish 10th Motorized. True North Miniatures (complete).

28mm ACW Union Company. Old Glory.
28mm ACW Confederate Company. Old Glory.
15mm French. Old Glory/Command Decision.
15mm Soviet Rifle Company. Quality Castings.
28mm Battle of the Bulge US Airborne. Artizan Designs.
28mm Battle of the Bulge Germans LMG teams. Artizan Designs.
28mm Japanese Ni mortar squad, snipers, and AT teams. Brigade Games.

Scenery Projects:
More hills cut out and sanded.
Finish painting 28mm tree bases.
28mm Normandy Farmhouse Complex. Shed is almost painted.
15mm Eastern Front houses scratchbuilt.
28mm ACW fences and walls.
More 28mm Hedgerows.
28mm Railroad tracks.
More 15mm trees.
15mm Railroad tracks.

Iron Ivan Games Projects:
Point Blank: 1:1 scale Squad Level WWI-Modern Combat system.
Polish 10th Motorized scenarios.
"May Be Forever": Civil War mod of This Very Ground.
Fields of Battle: Panzer Lehr.

That's a good start. Now I need to stick to the plan and get a move on some of this stuff. It's been nice enough the past few days to get some minis primed...

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