Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hood's Texans.

Here are some painted 28mm Old Glory First Edition ACW Texans I painted. The figs are full of character and have lots of nice details. The molds have seen better days though, and the wear can be seen on the castings. Still, they paint up nice and look good and ragged Reb when ranked up. I tried to paint them in a variety of uniform colors to enhance this ragged look. I know this ragged Reb thing is somewhat overstated to some degree and from what I have read Hood's Texans received new uniforms before heading West with Longstreet, which makes these good for the first part of the war before that. Either way, they are nice figs and I think will look good on the table against my Bluebellies.

Here they are looting Markey Farm on their way through Southern Pennsylvania...

Here's an up close shot:


  1. Thanks!

    George: I am indeed working on a skirmish ACW system. No idea when it will take shape or be released. I don't even have much on paper yet and I have some testing of ideas to do, but after I get a few more minis done I should be in better shape to work on this.

  2. Hi, if you need some playtest you have one spanish-club. We play often DH. We play brother vs brother but I dont like too much.