Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My first 6mm scratch build: Russian House.

Since I started on a 6mm WWII project (rules included), I found that I did not like most of the commercially available terrain. Especially the price. I really like GHQ's metal cast buildings, but there isn't much variety and I don't like the price knowing I am going to be needing a lot of these.

So I figured I would try my hand at scratch building one. I picked up some styrene at the hobby shop and gave it a go.

Not too difficult if you keep it simple. The windows were a little fiddly, and the roof was tricky to figure out how to do thatch. But I learned a lot and I think I have a good process in mind for cranking some of these out. I need to start making templates for windows and doors and other common parts.

The house is mostly plastic sheet and strip styrene. The thatch is made from static grass mat (paper backed) glued down to the styrene roof. After you coat it with a thinned down layer of brown paint and hit it with a coat of brown primer it stiffens up and can be drybrushed easily.

I think it might be just a tad too large for the GHQ infantry. I do want to be able to place 1" bases in the buildings though...so these roofs lift off.

More to come. I plan to add more houses, barns, fences and all kinds of stuff.



  1. Wow...that is small, you must have excellent vision, pretty cool, you probably could build a good size army in a very small space

  2. Heh, my vision is decent...but I wear glasses and after doing that house my eyes were bugging out from it. Also, my vision is kind of odd: I am near sighted in one eye and far sighted in the other. Not rare, but not common either. My eyesight is ok with glasses, but without them it is not that it is blurry so much as it means my eyes switch dominance between looking at things near and far. So much so that there is a noticeable change in my vision when it happens...and after a while it can really give me headaches.

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