Friday, June 24, 2011

German Vehicles.

No collection is complete without some Germans to fight against. These are mostly Army Group North and JTFM 1/56th scale kits.
From the Blitzkreig collection.

Panzer I.

Panzer 38t.

Panzer III C.

Panzer IV D.

Sdkfz 251 C halftrack Platoon.

Sdkfz 11.

Stug III D.

From the Mid to Late War collection.

Panzer IV Js minus the armored skirts.

Sdkfz 234 Pumas and 2cm cannon makes nice little recon unit. The Puma is one of my favorite WWII vehicles. I don't care if they only made 101 of them, they make it into my games (and they did see a lot of action-most of them were destroyed in France).

Sdkfz 251 D halftrack platoon.

Don't forget some big cats. Panther Gs.


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