Thursday, August 4, 2011

"We've Got a Bigger Problem Now."

Following up on the Soviets are my US in MOPP Gear. These are some amazing minis, with great detail and accurate weapons and gear. You can see the faces inside the lenses. I hope Eureka follows these up with more heavy weapons and support like they did the Soviets.

While working on the Soviets put me in the mood for Sisters of Mercy, the US called for some classic Southern California 1980s punk...such as the Dead Kennedys. The song I thought of most was "We've Got a Bigger Problem Now" off In God We Trust Inc.

Here are the first painted examples. I have to finish painting the pack with helmets to make a more complete force.

Group shot.

M-60, M-16s, and M-203 Grenade Launcher.

1/50th scale M113 Armored Personnel Carrier from Corgi. This was my first attempt at MERDEC camo, and I liked the way it came out. I never used to be a fan of that pattern, but I think it is growing on me.


Debussing from M113.

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