Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Valentine and Birthday Present.

Hello. A bit of a change of pace here, but I wanted to post pics of two presents I gave my wife recently for Valentines and her birthday (February 25). The Valentine present I made from scratch and painted. The birthday present was a yard gnome that had faded so much it was almost white. I primed it and repainted it adding more detail and texture, then clear coated it with some gloss varnish to protect him from the elements. Lastly is a pic of the present she made for me: a fox box filled with Jolly Ranchers (she knows what I like).

The robot is based on a valentine card I drew for her when we first met.

A fox filled with Jolly Ranchers! She's a keeper :)


  1. That robot is great. Mind if I "Borrow" him?

  2. No problem! I made him out of PVC plumbing pipe (I forget which size...about thumb sized). The arms are Dragonforge cables and the throw switch on the back is from an Orky bit. The rest is plastic card, metal pins, and care :)

  3. That robot is great! Good job on the gnome too.