Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Badab War: Mantis Warriors Captain

It's been a while but the Badab War project is back in the pipeline. First up is the Captain of the Mantis Warriors 3rd company. Captain Corvin. I have his HQ unit put together but they need to be painted. I really put a lot into the building and painting of this guy. I really want to take my time and pull out all the stops on this project. The Mantis Warriors were the first chapter I built a complete force for back in the Rogue Trader days and have always been a favorite of mine. Now that I've got new beakie parts to make old models in new form I want to make the Badab War a major project this year. Several friends are working on their own armies and we plan on not only doing a Badab War campaign, but including fleet battles using Battlefleet Gothic and boarding actions using Space Hulk. My Mantis Warriors will be one of two forces I'll be working on for this. The other will be the Fire Hawks chapter. My friend Rob is working on the Lamenters and my friend Derek (who painted the amazing Deathwatch models shown here) will be doing Sons of Medusa. I'm trying to convince another friend to do the the Astral Claws.

More to come. In the meantime, here is Captain Corvin.

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