Saturday, December 5, 2015

Snakebite Ork Boarboy

Slight diversions here...I had this guy on my shelf for a few weeks. I had been working on these Snake Bite Ork boys to go with my Deathskull Ork horde when the Horus Heresy box came out. I had this guy almost painted so I decided to finish him up while the washes were drying on my Ultramarines.

I really like the way the conversion came out. I want to do more with warpaint but I don't think it will work on this model with the way the armor covers the body. We'll see how the others in the unit come out.

Here is he, charging full bore. The parts are taken from various Ork boy and Nobz bits built onto the Warhammer Fantasy (or is it Age of Sigmar now? I'm not sure I care).

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