Thursday, May 19, 2016

Badab War: New Mantis Warriors Captain

Howdy again! When I first began the Badab War project, I started by building and painting the company HQ. Since it had been a while since I had done much painting for Warhammer, 40,000 and so may of my projects had been WWII projects with lots of field gray and khaki, I was a little rusty. Now that I have two of the squads done for the Mantis Warriors and have had a chance to nail down the technique, color scheme, and process for them, I decided it was time to do a repaint of the company HQ. I had never been entirely happy with them. So they went into the strip bucket with the purple stuff. Well, I finished the Captain today and gave him a new name and background info.

Presenting the new Captain of the 2nd company, Mantis Warriors: Maetrus. I gave him a name from the Badab War background material. He is equipped with a combination of MK IV and MK VI armor, an Iron Halo, a master crafted Bolt Pistol, a chapter relic Power Sword (gifted from the White Scars) named Heart of Tranquility. Here he is, ready for the table.

Hope you enjoy!