Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Badab War: Lots of New Stuff!

Hey everyone! Long time no update. It's been a busy summer and while I've gotten a lot of painting done, I haven't posted it on the blog.

The Badab War project moves forward with near completion of my starting Mantis Warriors force, the Fire Hawks, and the start of two new chapters, the Astral Claws and Red Scorpions. This makes two Secessionist and two Loyalist forces. Each chapter is based around a starting force which I plan to add to later.

Here are the latest minis off the painting table.

Sergeants from four chapters (L-R): Mantis Warriors, Astral Claws, Red Scorpions, Fire Hawks.

Red Scorpions sergeant.

Astral Claws Tactical Squad.

Astral Claws Terminators.

Astral Claws Heavy Bolter.

Astral Claws Tactical Marine.

Rovik the Martyr.

The Astral Claws force so far...

Mantis Warriors 2nd Company Banner Bearer.

Fire Hawks 8th Company HQ.

Knight-Captain Eliam Courbray and Honor Guard.

Fire Hawks Apothecary.

Mantis Warriors Librarian.


  1. How did you paint your Fire Hawks? your stuff is fantastic!

  2. Thank you! I used a red oxide primer as my base color, washed the whole model with Nuln Oil, then highlighted the edges with Squig Orange. Hope that helps!