Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ork Warboss.

Well, after a hiatus of something like a decade...some friends of mine convinced me to play Warhammer 40,000 again. I have always loved the Orks (as one of my first wargaming armies ever when I was a kid), and since I somehow managed to hold onto a box of assorted Ork parts that allowed me to cobble together around 20 Ork models I figured why not? My friend Jeff and I split the Black Reach boxed set which gave me a Warboss, some boys, and Nobs to go with the rest. Oh, and some Orky choppers, which I think look dumb as hell. I don't care how "shooty" they are in the game, they just look silly to me, so I won't be using them. My boys will keep their feet on the ground thankyouverymuch.

So far, it is a small force (for Orks), but a good start. This past few snow days gave me time to prime the Warboss and paint him. This is the first time in 10 years I have spent 1. This much money on a single model, 2. This much time painting one, and 3. Painted anything other than various shades of khaki and army green or field green and camo. I like the change of pace.

I chose the Deathskull Clan as the theme for this (eventual) army. I always played a combination of Deathskulls and Snakebites when I played Orks. I loved the looting and superstitious aspects of the Deathskulls and the savage and Native appeal of the Snakebites.

As a side note: the rules for Warhammer 40,000 still suck after all these years. And I mean boy do they suck (sorry Jeff). Talk about a system full of ridiculously overcomplicated and open for powergaming rules. So I decided to finish up my Disposable Heroes Warhammer 40,000 conversion. This is PURELY a personal side project and nothing from this will ever see the light of day beyond my own game table. So don't ask unless you want to pay the legal fees of taking on the Games Workshop lawyer's team. I should have the rules done and ready for the table by the time I get a few of these Ork mobs done...perhaps in another decade?

Anyway, here is the result. My Ork Deathskull Warboss. Hope you enjoy.

(should I yell WAAAGH!? isn't that what GW fans do these days?).

Here are some detail shots. Just for Jeff, I painted the Space Marine trophy helmet and shoulder pad as Dark Angels. You are welcome.

And one last shot of the face with warpaint.

(tongue planted firmly in cheek).

Man, I thought I would never play this stupid game a historical gamer (much higher on the geek totem pole you see), I feel kind of dirty. It's kind of hard to take all of this fantasy/sci-fi made up stuff seriously after you spend so much time gaming real conflicts. Well, it's kind of hard to take gaming itself seriously most of the time, seeing as how it is just a fun hobby, but that's beside the point.

Historicals is serious business.

As a Warhammer 40,000 aside. I get a kick out of the descriptions of the Imperium and the Imperial Guard where they describe what must be, to Games Workshop, the "Epic universe of Warhammer 40,000."

With descriptions such as "Imperial Guard Regiments number in the thousands with hundred's of thousands of men each." I guess that is supposed to sound galaxy spanning epic. But I can't help but think..."a couple hundred thousand? That's it? Pfff, the Soviets had several million at Kursk alone, and that was a fraction of their total forces in the East."

To modify a quote by Stalin and apply it to the Warhammer 40,000 universe:

"The Emperor? How many divisions does he have?" -Stalin


  1. "Just for Jeff, I painted the Space Marine trophy helmet and shoulder pad as Dark Angels."

    Please. Your boyz would have to kill some Dark Angels first.

    Warboss looks awesome though!

  2. Funny, there must be something in the air. I recently drank the Kool-Aid after many years in the historical miniatures world as well. Orks as well, no less!

    In deference to all my years of collecting WW2 minis, I went with the Blood Axe clan. The plan is to give them a very Germanic color scheme.

    Truth be told, I'm mainly doing this for a change of pace and some opportunities to do some painting and modeling. I really couldn't care less about "optimum builds" and "power lists" and crap like that. If I get my clock cleaned every time I play, so be it. Like you say, it's all very ridiculous on an already ridiculous continuum.

  3. @Bob: Thanks! Coming from someone whose painting I admire, that means a lot.

    Jeff: Well, he IS a looting, thieving Deathskull so...I plan to kill me some Dark Angels soon. Though if that first game was anything to go by, this Warboss might have to stick to scrounging.

    sirlarkins: Nice write up! Hope the project goes well. I also loved the Blood Axes back in the early days of 40k, but I wanted to get away from the WWII inspired side of things because I have painted WAY too many WWII Germans over the past few years :) I'm not too concerned with power gaming either. I love to see a nice looking table with well painted minis. Hell, to me, half the fun is setting up the game club calls me the resident terrain Nazi.

  4. It's all about setting up a nice table with painted minis! Otherwise, why not just play a computer game if you're not willing to invest the time? I see pictures online of people using strips of felt and playing with 80% or more unpainted minis and I just shake my head.

    I've sort of been joking lately about setting up a "Paint Snobs Only" miniatures club. We'd probably all have gimped armies, but boy would they look sweet... ;)