Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Battered Bastards of Bastogne.

This is the season for random projects it seems. Last week it was a squad of North Vietnamese and an Ork Warboss, now it is back to WWII with a squad of U.S. Airborne during the Battle of the Bulge.

This squad is painted to depict members of the 101st Airborne during the fighting for Bastogne. I mixed Artizan Designs 28mm U.S. Airborne and their U.S. infantry in great coats together to get a more varied mix of uniforms. The uniforms and equipment are similar enough to work. The great coat models have the late war high boot which when left dark leather brown looks like paratrooper jump boots (close enough for me anyway). Plus, by the time of winter '44, the Airborne units were often wearing a mix of their older jump uniforms and newer Army issue stuff anyway, including the new high boots. To make the models in jump uniforms look like they were fighting in the cold, I gave some of them gloves.

This is the first squad of the platoon. I plan to do the rest of the platoon soon.


M1919A6 .30 cal MG Team.

Rifle Team.


  1. Very nice work Chal. The basing really sets everything off very nicely.

  2. Hey! Don't call me Chal! Them's fighting words :) Just kidding. Thanks for the compliments. I want to run a Bastogne perimeter game sometime soon once I get a few more of these squads done.

  3. Very clever Keith. I wish more people would mix units up like this.

  4. Opps. Sorry about that Keith. Your like twins. Hard to separate.

  5. Yes, I failed to correct him on that.... I'm not sure which one of us is slurred more....