Sunday, September 28, 2014

Army Group York

Hello again. Now that I have a better phone and camera and all my photos are linked to my Google account, it has been much easier to update the blog with photos from my games and projects. Here I thought I would share some pics of our game club. Army Group York began meeting around 2000 when Chalfant of Miniatures of Wrath fame and I got together to play games of WWII. This is how Iron Ivan Games and the Disposable Heroes system was born. Also out of that came a game club that has been gaming together non stop since then. We have had many members over the years, but the core group of about a half dozen of us have been there all along. We still mainly play historical games, and as per tradition, on Monday evenings. However, now we do it in style! We began our club in the back of the Comic Store West in York, PA. It served us (read: put up with us) for many years, but it was time to move into our own space and get serious.

Thus, the new home was born. We have a wetbar, mini fridge, basement with full storage, 4 gaming tables, deer heads mounted on walls, bookshelves, leather chairs, a bathroom, good lighting, and weapons and militaria adorning the walls, all in an 1840s warehouse in downtown York.

Holy crap, when I type it out like that I can't hardly believe it...

It has been an awesome time gaming here. And here's to many more years with a great group of friends.


Here are some pics. More to come when I take them.

The little corporal oversees our games.

The deer heads which must be saluted upon arrival.

Gaming space.

A game in action and the shelves.

Our last mini convention with a game of Battletech in progress.

A glass of port with your game? Of course.

A light selection of beverages.

Typical Monday night.

Some WWII action.

Poland 1939 and the bar.

Wild gestures during a naval game.

We renovated the place ourselves (mostly).

Copper bar.

Sink going in.


Working on installing the ceiling tiles was fun...


The outside.


  1. Holy Cow! Great place! So will you be waxing the ceiling?

  2. Ha! Not if I can help it. That's what the butler and maids are for ; )

  3. That is quite lovely, and an amazing space to game in.

    I can not imagine how much it would cost here in California...