Sunday, September 28, 2014

Badab War!

As per my teaser from the last post, I am starting on a new project within our game group. The Warhammer 40,000 bug has bitten a few of our club and we talked a lot about the old days of gaming. Inevitably, the old Mk VI beakie marines came up and the old plastic models that were the gateway drug into Warhammer 40,000 all those years ago. Who could forget that iconic art on the box? It's how I got into gaming.

In fits of nostalgia over the years, I have long wanted GW to release updated versions of those old plastic marines. Alas, even on their 25th anniversary, they didn't put out the box set I had always hoped for and felt was perfect for the occasion: 20 plastic Mk VI beakie marines in a box with updated models. They should have listened to me, they would have sold like hot cakes! (what the hell do I know, right?).

But! All was not lost. When I picked up the new Tactical Squad box this past year, I noticed it had four pairs of Mk VI legs, two Mk VI chests (with the iconic chest cables), and two beakie Mk VI helmets. Now, here was something I could work with. Those few bits weren't enough to do whole squads, but they were a start. I began scouring the net, Bitz sites, eBay, and swapping with friends to acquire the parts to do some fully geared Mk VI Marines with the latest model parts. I also found out about many other Space Marine kits that have Mk VI parts (such as the kneeling legs) that will allow for more variety and to really do the project justice. I call it old school/new parts.

So, what am I using it for? The Badab War of course. As outlined and illustrated in one of my favorite GW books of all time (The Compendium), the Badab War was a civil war between several secessionist and loyalist Space Marine chapters. My favorite had always been the Mantis Warriors. I loved the colors and the chapter badge. After painting (badly) Crimson Fists and some Flesh Eaters with my first box of plastic marines, I finally settled on a complete force of Mantis Warriors. Tactical squads, Assault marines, Dreadnought, Devastators, librarians, techmarines, you name it, my force had it.

The cover.

One of my favorite illustrations from the old days.

Mantis Warriors. When Space Marines wore camo...

I've always wanted to recreate that force using the latest GW models. Now I can.

I also really like the idea of pitting marine against marine, brother against brother, with both sides uncorrupted by chaos (except the Astral Claws later on). I can't wait to build and paint these models and game this conflict. Several friends are doing forces as well including the Lamenters, Space Sharks (sorry, Carcharodons), Nova Marines, maybe Salamanders...this is going to be fun.

I might also do some Fire Hawks as well...

I've always loved the helmet markings.

The icon is hand painted, but I want to print my own decals to save time.

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