Friday, January 16, 2015

Ruined Buildings

Quick update on the Warhammer 40,000 terrain project. I just finished up a few ruined buildings made from Armorcast's Terraform range of ruined building parts. I have 3 already painted that need to be photographed and 3 more that need to be put on bases and detailed. Next, I want to pick up some of their modular stucco range to make non ruined versions of these. I had a bunch of them many years ago but sold I wish I hadn't. They are really nice kits. These ruins are the same ones I bought years ago as well, but I kept in various forms of completeness. I originally had them on bases like this, but then pulled them apart and kept them separate so I could move them around in any configuration I wanted. The problem was they never looked quite right on the table without bases, so I rebuilt them. They are meant to be generic enough to use for modern historical gaming all the way to the 41st millennium.

The floors are removable to allow models to be placed inside. I also picked up several packs of Plastruct O scale stairs to add to these. They never came with any way of getting from one floor to the next so I will have to improvise.


  1. Really interesting pieces! I like how they look, they aren't just the 'generic ruined building #3', the look believable. Pretty nice!