Friday, July 3, 2015

Armorcast Building Conversion and Warhammer 40,000 Scatter Terrain.

Long time no post! I've been busy with summer stuff (kids and work) and so haven't been able to post much lately. But, I finished up some more Warhammer 40,000 scenery. I've been in need of some intact buildings to fill out the urban terrain selection. I have always loved the Armorcast Stucco building range. I owned a ton of them many years ago and when I got into historicals, I sold them to fund other projects. I wish I hadn't done that, as I just recently remembered why I liked them so much...they are super versatile. I spent a few hours adding some bits of plastic and rivets to give the building a nice grim dark feel without resorting to skulls and gothic windows. These will work in any near modern or sci fi setting and will add greater variety to my already established town of Rustopolis.

Here are some pics of the building before and after paint. Also, I finished some rusty metal barricades together as well to fill out the table and some barrels to go with them. The last pic is of a plastic basket I picked up at Target for $1 and turned into a greenhouse or open skylight type building. What the heck, it was cheap, right?

After conversion, before paint.

I used corrugated plastic for the window shutters, leaving some of them open.

Here is the rust effect applied as per my post about the colors and technique I used. 


Power conduit.

Air filter/generator/air conditioner?

'Splodey barrels.

Barricades made from barrels, bits of card and plastic, and various crates and boxes.

Barrels and building.

$1 Target find.