Saturday, February 27, 2016

Badab War: Mantis Warriors Tactical Squad WIP

Hello. Back at the Badab War project again. This time with some Mantis Warriors ready to go into the painting queue. This project is a long time dream of mine to recreate my original Mantis Warriors army from the 90s into new MK VI models available today. To that end I picked up a big order of Beakies from Forgeworld that will form the basis of my Mantis Warriors force as well as an opposing force of loyalist Fire Hawks.

Having played Betrayal at Calth (AAR here), I realized how much great the system would be for playing Badab War. I also am working on writing up Badab War themed cards to use with Betrayal at Calth for both Loyalists and Secessionists as well as special chapter and character cards. More on that when it gets closer to being completed.

So far, I have assembled one of the tactical squads. These guys are packing a flamer and a missile launcher. Here they are ready for primer and paint. I used three of the legs that come with the Forgeworld pack of beakies, four that come with the new Tactical box set, the crouching legs from the command squad, and the two running legs from the assault squad. This gives me ten pairs of legs for a squad of all unique poses. Thankfully, you can get a lot of the extra bits you need these days on sites like Hobby Titan. If a bit is out of stock, I found their email notification for when they replenish stock to be really handy. If this seems like a lot of work and extra cost to make a squad of marines, it is. But to me, this is my dream project and I want to make this a force I am proud to put on the tabletop. Spared no expense!

Hope you enjoy!

Love the old missile launcher style

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