Saturday, March 12, 2016

Badab War: Mantis Warriors vs Fire Hawks

Welcome back! Welcome to the first mini battle report for my Badab War project. My friend Rob came down and we got in a game using the Betrayal at Calth rules, hereafter known as Betrayal at Badab.

Rob was supposed to bring his Lamenters to fight against my Fire Hawks. But he forgot, so we used the Mantis Warriors I had finished so far. We decided to play on a normal tabletop instead of the hex map used in the normal rules. We changed the hexes to 3" and gave the weapons normal Warhammer 40,000 ranges. I had created several special characters with their own rules as well as a set of Command Cards for both Loyalists and Secessionists.

We laid out a ruined urban tabletop, the setting of which is Bellepheron's Fall. The scenario was an assassination mission by the Fire Hawks against Mantis Warriors company commander Corvin. We figured the Fire Hawks were looking for revenge for the Mantis Warriors taking their ship Red Harbinger in a boarding action.

The Fire Hawks sent a squad of Terminators to Bellepheron's Fall in hopes of catching the Mantis Warriors in action against the Marines Errant chapter.

The Terminators teleport in after Fire Hawk scouts reported Mantis Warriors occupying a command center near an old Adeptus Mechanicus research station.

Now...on to the pics!

Venerable Secarssa, the Bow of Ma'Dan takes aim at the incoming Fire Hawks terminator squad while Shaidan, the Mantis Warriors librarian dashes across the street into cover to flank them. The dreadnoughts twin linked lascannons would prove to be a valuable asset during the game.

Two of the Fire Hawks terminators rush straight at the Mantis Warriors command. Their armor was tough and they just kept coming even in a hail of fire.

Undaunted, Captain Corvin of the Mantis Warriors stands his ground on the roof of the Mechnicum research unit. His plan was to distract the Fire Hawks by taunting them to come right at him while the rest of his command unit surrounded them. It worked...sort of.

Shaidan faces down two Terminators by himself. He manages to hold his own using his psychic attacks and misdirection powers...for a short time.

The terminators lunge at this isolated librarian and take their revenge on the Mantis Warrior for their taking of the Fire Hawks ship Red Harbinger.

Not fooled by Captain Corvin's ruse, two other Fire Hawks flank around the back of the building after dispatching a Mantis Warriors melta gun and Tranquility trained sniper.

In an epic showdown, Secarssa guns down one of the Fire Hawks to defend his Captain and then dispatches the enraged Fire Hawks terminator sergeant who rushed him. However, the Fire Hawk did manage to destroy Secarssa's arm in the process.

At this critical moment, Captain Corvin and his company color bearer jump down from the building and slice the Fire Hawks sergeant into pieces. His command was saved...but at what cost? The Fire Hawks will be back!

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