Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Badab War: Fire Hawks Tactical Squad WIP

Things have been moving more slowly lately as I've been working on the Chapter lists for my Betrayal at Badab project. Most of the chapters are complete now, so it's back to the painting table.

I'm close to finishing off my Fire Hawks tactical squad. Here they are so far.

Once this squad is done, it's back to the Mantis Warriors for their second tactical squad. After that, I'm thinking of doing a Mantis Warriors assault squad or sniper squad with Tranquility Pattern bolt rifles in the yellow camo scheme. Not sure though. I might also switch gears to do some Red Scorpions using the Mk IV plastics from my Betrayal at Calth boxes... or maybe a Fire Hawks devastator squad. Or scouts...

Hope you like the Fire Hawks. They're pretty fun to paint. I like the way the red came out.

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