Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gerry Owen!

Just a quick little update on the Vietnam project. I received my Baker Company minis in the mail a few weeks back (great service from them by the way!) and just finished up a few of the first squad of my 7th Air Cav platoon. I will need a Huey for them to fly in next.

Once again, Baker Company delivers some good sculpts with clean casting. These are neat in that they are slightly bigger than the PAVN. This seems deliberate on the part of the sculptor trying to capture the difference in height and build between their U.S. G.I.s compared to the shorter and slighter NVA. It is a nice touch.

I also stuck with the same dip method I used on the PAVN models. It is easy and quick. The lack of contrast still bothers me a little, but the end result looks good enough to get these on the table. The 7th Cav patches on the shoulders in the second pic are hand painted. I forgot to pick up a sheet of transfer of these at Cold Wars.

The models are an M-60 team, an M-79 grenadier (blooper), and a G.I. with M-16.

Anyway, here are the results:

And from the other side:

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