Sunday, March 27, 2011

Isaac Abraham Kook and his band of Partisans.

I finally completed my Pulp Warband as seen in a previous post. I picked up the figures I needed at Cold Wars except for the Golem. [Edit:] After a short wait, Monolith Design responded to my email, sent a Paypal invoice and informed me my order is on it's way. Good service from Jim.

The leader of this little group is none other than one of the most famous Rabbis and Kabbalah Mystics of all time... Isaac Abraham Kook. To create him in miniature I took this model:

And used green stuff to turn him into this picture:

To create the glasses I cut off two discs of plastic rod and super glued them to his face. Then I drilled them out to create the frames of his glasses. Right before taking drill to face I thought to myself "This is either going to work really well or I am totally gonna screw up this miniature." Luckily it worked and his glasses came out ok. To complete the conversion, I had to remove the belt and pistol and then shave down the collar. After that I drilled out the hand and the bottom two fingers and added a length of brass rod for the walking stick. After that I used green stuff to add a more full beard, jacket collar, and buttons as well as sculpting the bottom two fingers under the walking stick as seen in the picture. Also, it took a little filling out of the jacket to make it look right, but I was happy with the results.

This is how he came out:

Here's a little side by side:

For the Rock Golem, I ended up using Zap-A-Gap and gluing aquarium rocks to a leftover headless 40mm French & Indian War model. I figured the Golem would represent the mystical force of will of Kook and would be a hovering mass of rocks in a vague humanoid form that would smash things with it's floating appendages. I hope the "arms" and strangely floating balanced rocks for a head gets this across. To paint it I sprayed it black and drybrushed it a stone gray color then painted individual rocks all sorts of natural shades of grays and tans. Then after an overall wash of brown and black watered down, I waited until it dried and gave it one final very light drybrush of white. I named him Kook's "Rock of Jerusalem". For Pulp Games, I envision him as a vengeful earth Golem. This powerful guardian will allow Kook to travel the world, fight Nazis, and search for ancient artifacts and solve ancient mysteries. When switching gears to Weird WWII, he is the ultimate Nazi killing machine made up of the rocks placed on Jewish graves killed by the Nazis. He will protect Kook and fight alongside the famous Bielski Brothers partisan group. Nothing better than smashing in Nazi skulls!

Here he is:

The rest of the gang is made up of the leader's and some members of Bielski's partisan group.

First there is Tuvia Bielski (based on the real historical figure). I nicknamed him "The Shepherd" due to his role in saving thousands of Jews during WWII and hiding them in the forest of Belarus. The model I thought that looked most like Tuvia was this one from the Copplestone Figures Partisans pack (Tuvia is flanked by two other partisans):

Then, there is Tuvia's brother Alexander (known as "Zus"). Also a real historical figure. I made him more of a lone wolf type for my warband. The lone wolf and shepherd characteristics I took from the movie Defiance which portrays the brothers as being very different in personality and approach for their mission of fighting the Germans and protecting the Jews under their care.

Here is the figure I chose:

These two figures actually look a little like their historical counterparts. Or at least a little like the actors that play them in the movie (well, a little anyway).

This rounds out my nice little 500 point warband. I used the Iron Ivan Games Where Heroes Dare Dossier character creator to create these for my games. This sweet little tool allows you to quickly create a warband of Lead, Companions, and Supporters. Some time later I might put up the stats, Schticks, and gear I chose to make the warband. I hope to get them on the table soon and see how they do against some Nazi filth.

Here is the whole warband in a group shot:

Hope you enjoy looking as much as I enjoyed creating it!


  1. Very cool stuff! Nice conversion work there!


  2. Nice warband and great conversion work. Just found your blog so should also mention we have had many, many hours of fun with DH. Thanks, Michael

  3. Love your interesting, esoteric approach to modelling.

    Chris from Model Dads