Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Badab War: Fire Hawks Force Part 1 Complete

Welcome back. I am now finished the first part of the Badab War project. The Fire Hawks force part 1 is a tactical squad and a terminator squad. The tactical squad consists of a veteran sergeant (denoted by a black helmet), a heavy flamer, and a melta gun. They are led by a terminator squad with a sergeant and a heavy flamer.

What's next for the Fire Hawks?

Not sure yet. I want to expand the army with at least a dreadnought. I might add a Rhino and/or a Land Raider transports for the squads, but that can wait. Next will probably be a second tactical squad and then a devastator squad. That will have to wait until tax refund time though :)

Here is the entire force and individual pics of the models. I'm really happy with the poses and the colors. All I need yet are decals (I'm waiting on my order from Fallout Hobbies-have been for a while now).

Fluff: The sharp eyed among you might note that I put the terminator sergeant shoulder pad on a regular terminator and a regular crux on the sergeant. Well...that's because I messed up when I was putting them together! I wasn't paying attention and didn't notice until I had already started painting him. So, what to do? Make something up! I decided that since the Fire Hawks chapter lore describes them as having very knightly order type titles (such as Knight-Captain) which gives them a medieval feel, that the "rank" of sergeant among terminators was treated differently. Since the first company are all veterans, most of which are at least sergeants (or at least for the Fire Hawks) they are as a company of equals (peers). When a mission is assigned, the company assembles and all in attendance give their opinion on what the mission should accomplish and how it should be executed. The peers then vote or decide on the best solution offered and the marine who had put forward that solution becomes the mission leader. He is then presented with the mission leader shoulder pad and he leads the team for that mission. This gives the company experience in leadership and flexibility in mission execution.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


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