Thursday, April 21, 2016

Badab War: Mantis Warriors Decals

Progress! I recently received my custom printed Mantis Warriors and Fire Hawk transfer sheet Fallout Hobbies. Rather than hand painting every chapter symbol on my Marines, I wanted to be able to just use decals. Fallout Hobbies offers a custom printing service that I couldn't pass up. The decals have a ton of each symbol on them so I have enough for my force and then some.

I have two minor complaints about the decals. Fallout Hobbies service was initially really good. Ron was quick to respond and got my design worked up right away. Only trouble was it took a long time to get my decals with pretty large gaps of no communication. As I understand he is very busy with his full time jobs and swamped with orders for Fallout, so in the end, it's no big deal. He did deliver and overall the service was good enough. The other minor quibble is that the decals themselves have a pretty low resolution for the color and the Maelstrom Warder decal was slightly misaligned. No big deal, I was planning on painting over them to give them a painted on look anyway. In the end I am very happy with how they came out and I really like the uniformity they gave the models.

So, overall, I give Fallout Hobbies custom decals a decent  review. Not bad, but I'm not blown away either. Though, to be fair, I was happy with the results in the end. Hope you enjoy the pics of my now completed first Mantis Warriors tactical squad.

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