Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Badab War: Mantis Warriors Progress


I will soon be starting on the second Mantis Warriors tactical squad. Here are some shots of the force so far: a tactical squad and the dreadnought Venerable Secarssa, the Bow of Ma'Dan.

I also played a game last night at our club with fellow local gamer Raven Feast. We used my mod, Betrayal at Badab. The game went well, though I got my butt handed to me in record time. I played the Mantis Warriors and he played the Fire Hawks. We played a simple meeting engagement in the ruins of a city. By the end of the third turn, he had almost wiped out my whole force. The Mantis Warriors could not get in a good position to use their Hit and Rule special rule and I just simply didn't use my firepower well, especially the dreadnought.

Here are some pics of the Mantis Warriors force and pics of the game.

The table

The Mantis Warriors deploy

Mantis Warriors crossing the street under fire

Fire Hawks push the flank

The Mantis Warriors withdraw using Hit and Run

Only two left...

The Venerable Secarssa goes down

The sergeant was the only survivor

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