Sunday, February 6, 2011

28mm French DLM Motorcycle Recon Platoon (France 1940).

From the files of forgotten Photobucket images: pics of my 28mm Battle Honors French Dragons Portes. These guys can be used as Dragons Portes from a Divisions Légères de Cavalerie (DLC) or Divisions Légères Mécaniques (DLM). They can be part of the Dragons Portes Regiment or from one of the motorcycle recon units. I wish someone made French motorcycles and side cars to go with them. I have to finish some extra LMGs for the squads though. Hope you enjoy! I will also be posting pictures of the French armor I have to go with them.

The whole platoon:

The Platoon Command:

One of the squads:

Hotchkiss Heavy Machine Gun:

Viv La France!


  1. Great looking army! I too wish there were motorcycles and sidecars for a French 1940 army.

  2. Hi panzergrenadier!

    Great painting job, congratulation.

    How many LMG in the rifle pack please?
    Any rifleman with a grenade launcher?

    Thanks for sharing.