Sunday, February 6, 2011

28mm Waffen SS platoon (Mid War).

Continuing with my forgotten Photobucket images theme: 28mm Waffen SS, also from Battle Honors. I love these figures, they are some of Battle Honors best. I still think they have one of the most extensive and well rounded WWII lines out there. Who else makes Dragons Portes, Chasseurs Alpins, Italian Alpini, and Early War Soviets in such variety?

Here is the whole platoon kitted out for the Eastern Front from the end of Barbarossa until Stalingrad. I did them in fall pattern smocks and with a dead grass look for the Autumn.

Platoon Command:

The models are actually a mix of Battle Honors SS and Early War Germans in tunics. Some of them I did head swaps to give the guys in tunics helmet covers.

Rifle Squad:

Pak 36 37mm AT Gun. These guys were converted from Heavy Machine Gun crew and officers:

The same crew serving a Pak 38 50mm AT Gun:

The same crew can be used for the 75mm IG I have as well.

And an Sdkfz 10 to tow them (Army Group North Miniatures):

Transports (Army Group North Miniatures and JTFM)

Opel Blitz (I have 4):

Sdkfz 251 C halftracks:

No SS unit is complete without some tanks to back them up. Panzer III early with 37mm Guns (Army Group North):

And a Panzer IV D (Army Group North):

Might as well throw in a Stug III D (Army Group North):

There is a 75mm IG to go with this platoon, as well as an AT rifle team, 5cm Mortar, 8cm Mortar, and an HMG but I don't have pics of those. Some of the pics have turned the Panzer Gray color on the tanks to a strange hue. I edited these a long time ago on some wonky software that came with the camera.

Hope you enjoy!