Sunday, February 6, 2011

28mm U.S. Infantry (Late War).

And once again, a few more pictures of the lost and forgotten...

This time 28mm Artizan Designs U.S. Infantry.

The whole platoon:

The Platoon Command:

Rifle Squad:

.30 Cal MMG Team:

Bazooka Team:

Not pictured are enough extra BARs to make an Armored Infantry Platoon. I realized after finishing the platoon that the helmet straps should be brown leather instead of khaki. Some day I might get to that. Yeah.


  1. Really nice work Keith. You nailed the jacket colour perfectly. Can you share the painting secret?

  2. Thanks! I painted the whole model with a basecoat of GW Bestial Brown. Then the shirt and pouches with GW Catachan Green. Then the metal on the rifle in GW Bolt Gun Metal. The whole miniature is washed in a heavy watered down black paint wash. This shades the miniature to almost black, but leaves some of the tone showing. The jacket is highlighted with a single highlight of Reaper Khaki Shadow (one of the most useful colors I have ever found). This is how I paint the majority of my figures and how I get such high contrast. It doesn't always photograph well, but the neat clean lines and sharp contrast works well for the tabletop at gaming distance.

  3. Thanks Keith. I will jot that down in my paint recipe book because one day I will have to paint a platoon for DH.

  4. Very nice. I like the color scheme, too.

  5. Heh.

    I remember backing these guys up with some armor afew years ago at Historicon...

  6. I really like your color scheme, but I have a question before i give it a try.
    -On the Jacket, did you paint it catachan and leave the bestial in the cracks or did you just go over the entire jacket and the shadow is the wash?
    -I assume the pants are just bestial, with the show being the wash?
    -Last question (i promise!) is your washes make such nice lines! any secrets to such a clean wash?

  7. I have a bunch of these lads to do sp thanks for your how to do.