Friday, October 3, 2014

Deathwatch Kill Team in Action

A friend of mine has just finished a squad of Deathwatch Space Marines, and they are gorgeous models. We used them in a game recently and put them up against my Orks in an assassination scenario. The Kill team's objective was to teleport into an Ork settlement and find and eliminate a Deathskull warboss that has been building up forces for a WAAGGH! They did their job with deadly precision, cutting through my Orks like a razor. They landed right on target and easily cut down the few Ork mobs that approached them. The only tense moment was when the second Deathwatch fire team was attacked by a Killa Kan. The Ork machine killed one Deathwatch Marine with his huge saw blade, but was then turned to molten slag by a few well placed Krak grenades. Oh well, that's how it goes for the Orks. Even when they lose, they win because they can just come back for another go see.

Here are a few pics of the action.

The Ork settlement amid the ruins of a human factory.

My friend Derek's Deathwatch Kill Team. His painting is amazing.

A burna' boy runs out to try to set some Marines on fire.

When in doubt, take pot shots from cover...

The other half of the Kill Team.

Deep Strike right on target...

A Killa Kan charges from the warehouse.

Vicious hand to hand. One Marine dead, and a burning Killa Kan.

More Badab War


Just a quick preview of more Badab War. This time, a Fire Hawk. I used a Mk VI beakie marine, but used the updated Fire Hawks color scheme as per the Forgeworld Badab books. I like the orangeish red and the new hawk emblem over the old garish yellow and the mushroom cloud icon (though it is an amusing chapter badge).

A Mantis Warrior faces off against a Fire Hawk.