Sunday, August 16, 2015

Imperial Guard Valkyrie

A little diversion from scenery here. A few months back I picked up one of the Valkyrie kits. I was kind of intimidated by it when I started on it, but once you break it down into mini projects it wasn't too bad. I also found out the hard way that some components shouldn't be put together before others. I painted the interior before I had finished putting the door gunners together. Once I glued the roof in place I found out how hard it is to get the Heavy Bolters and the swinging arm they are attached to lined up. I sorted it out, but I won't make that mistake on the next one. The trickiest part was the hatches on the cockpit. Gluing the structure to the clear hatches once painted tested my nerves and steady hand. Getting them glued without the Zap A Gap fogging up the glass was done by spraying it with instant set right away. It worked out well.

I'm really happy with the results. I was originally thinking of doing a camo pattern of dark gray over the brown, but now that it's done I kind of like it straight base color. I also magnetized the rocket pods and the missiles.

I'm really considering getting three more down the road to transport all of my Steel Legion platoon (mine are air mobile instead of armored infantry).

Now back to some scenery...