Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where Zombies Dare...

I just wanted to post a few quick pics taken at our club game on Monday of the Zombies vs Soviets game. We used a modified form of Where Heroes Dare with special rules to give it that zombie movie feel. It worked pretty well for a first run.

The zombies are a little overpowered right now, but we discussed some tweaks to make them work. They were a little too fast and some of the rules for spawning them and activating them made it too easy for the zombies to get around the table. We played two games and both times the zombies won, but I think with some of the changes it will come out to a well balanced game.

I am very happy with the way the rules give a really good feel for Romero style zombies. They can only be killed by head shots, they are slow but once they get close to prey they can move a little faster, when they mob up on you they can quickly overpower you and pull you down, but they also feed on that prey for a turn allowing others to escape (though the newly dead can also become zombies themselves, muhahaha), they appear where you least expect them but they can't climb...things like that really make the game tense. I had a great time.

The pics are all from Dieter's phone cam which seems to have a "creepy bleary misty zombie setting" which made for some great shots.

I don't really have much of an AAR as were just testing and having fun. The scenario involves a team of Spetsnaz escorting a tech team with Geiger counter equipment. They are ordered into a facility outside the town of Pripyat several days after the Chernobyl incident. They are told to take readings from what appear to be unusually high amounts of radiation, even higher than the meltdown site itself. There was a team sent in previously that disappeared after reports of gunfire. Rumor has it that the site was a secret KGB experimental facility which had a direct line to Chernobyl...but why the site has higher radiation readings or how it might be connected to the incident at the plant is unknown and no one in the Central Committee is talking.

The team arrives at the facility as the sun is setting and to an eerie silence.

That's when things got weird.

Here are some shots...

Table layout. I plan to do more buildings specific to this game at some point. For now we just used the set of ruins and rubble I had and a building from the Comic Store's collection.

Corporal Fedorov takes a reading at one of the objective counters.

The Sgt. gets mobbed...


Some Soviets turn the tables on a lone zombie.

The support team of PK LMG and a sniper with a Dragunov go down hard...and then get eaten.

Zombies. Milling around and doing zombie stuff.

I hope to run this game at one of the conventions coming up. Probably Historicon. Too late to register a game for Cold Wars.