Sunday, February 28, 2016

Badab War: Mantis Warriors Sergeant

Howdy. Just finished the first of my Mantis Warriors. It took a bunch of test paints and color changes to get the right combo, but I finally found the green I like and the process to achieve it. I'm very happy with the results and no I think I can bang a bunch of these out pretty quickly. The process is pretty straightforward:

Spray prime Krylon flat light green camo. Undercoat with watered down GW Foundation paints Knarloc Green. Wash with GW Athonian Camo wash. Highlight with Knarloc Green and edge with GW Straken Green. Some edges were then hit with a sharp line of GW Zandari Dust. It gives me just the green I was looking for. Not too bright, not too subdued or olive. Just the right tone.

Hope you enjoy! More to come...

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Badab War: Fire Hawks Tactical Squad WIP

Back again with more Badab War. Here are some WIP shots of part of the Fire Hawks tactical squad. The heavy flamer and hand flamer the sergeant is packing are Blood Angel bits.

Hope you enjoy!

Badab War: Fire Hawks Terminators

Continuing with the Badab War theme, I painted up a squad of Fire Hawks terminators to go against my Mantis Warriors. The heavy weapon is missing because I lost the heavy flamer arm and am waiting for a replacement which my friend will be giving me. Until then, here are the other four members of the squad ready for the table. The Fire Hawk emblems will be added once I get some printed up on decal paper.

I am really happy with the way these came out. I love the color scheme and the process of getting the red was really easy and enjoyable to paint. I used a base coat of red oxide spray primer and then washed the model in GW Nuln Oil. Fast and easy.

Hope you enjoy!

The scheme is based on the Forgeworld Badab War book version of the Fire Hawks scheme.

Badab War: Mantis Warriors Tactical Squad WIP

Hello. Back at the Badab War project again. This time with some Mantis Warriors ready to go into the painting queue. This project is a long time dream of mine to recreate my original Mantis Warriors army from the 90s into new MK VI models available today. To that end I picked up a big order of Beakies from Forgeworld that will form the basis of my Mantis Warriors force as well as an opposing force of loyalist Fire Hawks.

Having played Betrayal at Calth (AAR here), I realized how much great the system would be for playing Badab War. I also am working on writing up Badab War themed cards to use with Betrayal at Calth for both Loyalists and Secessionists as well as special chapter and character cards. More on that when it gets closer to being completed.

So far, I have assembled one of the tactical squads. These guys are packing a flamer and a missile launcher. Here they are ready for primer and paint. I used three of the legs that come with the Forgeworld pack of beakies, four that come with the new Tactical box set, the crouching legs from the command squad, and the two running legs from the assault squad. This gives me ten pairs of legs for a squad of all unique poses. Thankfully, you can get a lot of the extra bits you need these days on sites like Hobby Titan. If a bit is out of stock, I found their email notification for when they replenish stock to be really handy. If this seems like a lot of work and extra cost to make a squad of marines, it is. But to me, this is my dream project and I want to make this a force I am proud to put on the tabletop. Spared no expense!

Hope you enjoy!

Love the old missile launcher style

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth Game

Howdy folks!

I promised I would write up a game report after I had played one, so here it is. My friend Rob and and I had played a quick test game a few weeks back, but this was our first full game. I played a tactical squad of Ultramarines (seen here) and he played a five man Terminator squad, and tactical squad of Word Bearers. It was a great, and tense game. We played it on my recently finished bug hunt corridor set and treated each corridor section (or half section) as a hex in Betrayal at Calth game terms. It worked really well. We didn't really bother with weapon ranges because this was inside a cramped industrial interior, so we just assumed all weapons were in range.

Here is the table layout built from the basic set of Bug Hunt Corridors from Fantasy Arc:

The Ultramarines were defending the elevators on the right side of the board while the Word Bearers entered via the central hallway on the left side. The Word Bearers objective was to exit the board using the elevators to allow access to the next level. My strategy was to bottleneck the Word Bearers up in that entrance for as long as possible. To that end I sent a lone Terminator and a 3 man team of tactical Marines with a flamer in the first middle two rooms ready to rush out to the central hallway and block the Word Bearers path. With the way the Betrayal at Calth rules work, using Bolt Guns to pin your enemy (a critical effect of Bolt Gun fire), you can take away Tactical Points from units. This worked almost perfectly for me for the first few turns. The Word Bearers just couldn't get a foothold and were stuck in the entrance. Rob's Word Bearers plan was to punch through with Terminators and follow up with tactical Marines. Brute force.

Here are the pics and action from the rest of the game.

The Ultramarines Terminator Sergeant deploys from the room and rushes right into the fight.

The Word Bearers smash through the bulkhead and swarm into the hallway but are held up by concentrated combi bolter, bolter, and flamer fire. They don't take any losses, but the withering fire holds them back.

Terminator Sergeant rushes into position.

Ultramarines ambush the Word Bearers as they breach the bulkhead.

Tactical Squad on the move...

Tactical squad takes up position and opens up with their missile launcher.

The Ultramarines plan was working perfectly until the Word Bearers were able to inflict some casualties on the Ultramarines first line of defense. With the loss of the Terminator sergeant and two tactical marines, the lone flamer falls back down the central corridor. However, the time he bought allowed the Ultramarines to take up positions on their second defense line and the rest of the tactical squad begins pouring fire into the Word Bearers Terminators, killing a few.

The Terminator sergeant and two tactical marines sacrifice themselves...

The Ultramarines play their first Command Card: Swift Vengeance.

The Ultramarines flamer stands his ground, but is pulped into red meat by the Word Bearers power fist

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Things had been going well for the Ultramarines until the Word Bearers reorganized themselves and concentrated their fire on the missile launcher that had been causing them so much trouble. With casualties mounting, the Ultramarines line is wavering. The Word Bearers, however, have watched their Terminator squad wiped out and are forced to bring their tactical squad into the fight. They charge down the hallway, Bolt Guns blazing and into the teeth or murderous Ultramrines fire. The climax of the game finds the Word Bearer sergeant and the last remaining Ultramarine fighting a melee to the death. The last standing Ultramarine had withstood a rad grenade, bolt gun fire, and now a crazed Word Bearer sergeant whom he gunned down. Still, his bravery was not enough to stop the onslaught and the rest of the Word Bearer tactical squad charges in and finishes the job with bolt guns, pumping rounds into his lifeless body.

A truly epic moment is when the last Ultramarine is confronted by the Word Bearer sergeant who calls to him, "Would you fire upon your brothers?". Temporarily plagued by doubt, with his sergeant dead and all his brothers lost, grimly the last Ultramarine loaded his last magazine, raised his bolt gun...

and emptied it into the face of the charging Word Bearer...

"Why yes brother. Yes I would."
The death count was brutally high. The Word Bearers achieved their objective of reaching the elevators, but they lost their full Terminator squad and part of a tactical squad doing so. The Ultramarines sacrificed their entire force, but it may have been worth it to buy time and whittle the Word Bearers down. Entering the next level without Terminators to soak up their inevitable Ultramarines barrage of deadly fire is going to be difficult.

For the Emperor! For Calth!

An epic game with a good friend. I'm really liking these rules. They play so fast, are full of character and tension, and tactical nuances. Plus the Command Cards are just so much fun. Looking forward to a lot more games of this. I'm thinking it would be really easy to mod this to play on a regular tabletop without hexes. Give movement Actions 3" per Action, 6" per run, and give the weapons regular ranges in inches and you are good to go.

More to come...