Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Badab War: Mantis Warriors Company HQ Finished

Captain Maetrus and his retinue of hand picked Mantis Warriors from 2nd Company are ready for the table. From left to right:

Apothecary Neolin, Tranquility Sniper Specialist Qui, Captain Maetrus, Anti-tank and Breaching Specialist Rilke, and Banner Bearer Lodur.

Hope you enjoy. I've completed the first part of my Mantis Warriors force. Next up will be a Predator tank and a unit of Scout Snipers. After that I would like to add a third Tactical Squad, an Assault Squad, and possibly a Devastator Squad. We'll see what the coming year's miniature budget allows.

Tranquility Sniper Specialist badge

Task Force Maetrus

Friday, August 5, 2016

Betrayal at Badab: Iblis Will Burn!

Betrayal at Badab Battle Report: Mantis Warriors vs Fire Hawks on the Agri-World of Iblis.

Earlier this summer I ran a game of Betrayal at Badab for a friend. He played the Fire Hawks while I fielded the Mantis Warriors. The scenario takes place on the Agricultural World of Iblis. The Mantis Warriors and the Fire Hawks had been in a protracted battle for the planet. The Mantis Warriors had a limited force to defend Iblis and had been forced to rely on hit and run tactics to keep the Fire Hawks pinned down. Frustrated by the inability to force the Mantis Warriors into open battle where they could be wiped out, the Fire Hawks chapter master sends a force led by the 8th company captain Knight-Captain Elam Courbray to draw out the Mantis Warriors. The Fire Hawks begin burning crop fields and farms as well as attacking the human population in order to force the Mantis Warriors to reveal themselves.

While on a patrol through an Agri-Maintainance center, the Mantis Warriors ambush the Fire Hawks.

The Agri-Maintenance center.

The Mantis Warriors use their Hit and Run ability to fire at and fall back from the Fire Hawks advance

Taking up firing positions on a chemical tank enabled the Mantis Warriors to pour fire into the Fire Hawks advance.

The Bow of Ma'dan fires on Fire Hawks as they sweep down the road.
Fire Hawks terminators teleport in. It's a trap!

Mantis Warriors librarian Aharza Redth and Captain Maetrus face down the Fire Hawks terminator assault.

The Fire Hawks dreadnought stomps around the flanks and begins pouring multi-melta fire into the Mantis Warriors.

Near the end of the battle, the Fire Hawks have taken heavy losses, but drive off the Mantis Warriors who are forced to withdraw. The dreadnoughts on both sides are only able to exchange a few shots before the battle ends,

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Badab War: Lots of New Stuff!

Hey everyone! Long time no update. It's been a busy summer and while I've gotten a lot of painting done, I haven't posted it on the blog.

The Badab War project moves forward with near completion of my starting Mantis Warriors force, the Fire Hawks, and the start of two new chapters, the Astral Claws and Red Scorpions. This makes two Secessionist and two Loyalist forces. Each chapter is based around a starting force which I plan to add to later.

Here are the latest minis off the painting table.

Sergeants from four chapters (L-R): Mantis Warriors, Astral Claws, Red Scorpions, Fire Hawks.

Red Scorpions sergeant.

Astral Claws Tactical Squad.

Astral Claws Terminators.

Astral Claws Heavy Bolter.

Astral Claws Tactical Marine.

Rovik the Martyr.

The Astral Claws force so far...

Mantis Warriors 2nd Company Banner Bearer.

Fire Hawks 8th Company HQ.

Knight-Captain Eliam Courbray and Honor Guard.

Fire Hawks Apothecary.

Mantis Warriors Librarian.