Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Your Barn Door is Open...

Hey there,

I recently started a whole new set of 28mm terrain pieces, specifically, a new collection of buildings for NW Europe. I have a large collection of 28mm buildings done by Armourcast from their medieval line that I used for years to sit in for WWII buildings, but they are too small, and do not have the right architecture for WWII. They work for a generic table, and for years I was just too lazy or committed to doing other terrain such as hills, woods, walls, etc. to concentrate on buildings. I used to scratchbuild all of my terrain, but found the allure of just buying a resin building and painting it to be high enough to negelct building more specific pieces I wanted.

This is my first go after years of not scratchbuilding so I was a little rusty. I plan on redoing the roof in more detail by doing the actual framing. I also plan to do extra destroyed roofs so I can swap them out. I might even do a "snow covered roof" so my barn can do double duty for a Bulge or Ost Front winter themed board.

The roof was tricky, and probably a little ambitious given how out of practice I have been working with basswood and foam core. I liked the end result and learned a lot for when I do the farm house and outbuildings.

I painted it with craft paints.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Looks good Boss! How about a windmill for Arnhem ;)

  2. Thanks Jayson! I might make a windmill some day...will be an interesting project. I will be doing a farm manor house, outbuildings, and sheds with walls to go around them next. I have the first outbuilding started.